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The Sequencer is our in-house tool for creating internet based 3D animations. We mainly have been using it for creating animations of synthetic characters and banner adds. It provides a graphical user interface that allows you to edit the animation of 3D objects.

The result is a VRML 2.0 file that specifies the objects and their animation. The file can be browsed in any browser with a VRML 2.0 plug in like CosmoPlayer2.1. Specifically, you should use Netscape 4.0 or IE 4.0 or later.

Screen Shots

Screen Shot of Sequence Editor GUI

The Sequencer reads a VRML2.0 file and lists all of the objects that it finds on the left hand side of the sequence editor. Then you can add Key Frames for each object on the right hand side. Key Frames are represented on the right side of the frame above by rectangular knobs that can be dragged left and right to set the time interval. Key Frames are associated to an Animation Time-Line. The Key Frames say what should the object do at a given instance of time. The things that an object can do and how they are done are edited by the Key Frame Editor reviewed below. You invoke the Key Frame Editor by double-clicking on the Key Frame of interest.

Key Frame Editor

The Key Frame Editor allows you to determine what should a given object do at a given instance of time. An object can either translate, rotate or scale. Other operations will soon be added like selecting among a set of alternative representations and morphing.


The above is an example of a synthetic character animated using our tool. If you can't see the animation you might need to update to a newer version of a VRML2.0 plug-in browser. We recommend Blaxxun Contact 5.1 under Internet Explorer


The Sequencer V1.0b is available for FREE for a limited time. Please follow the following directions to download and install your free copy of Sequencer 1.0b

    You need at least JDK1.3.1 (w/swing) on your machine. You can download a free copy of the latest JDK and JFC from Sun's site.

  1. Download file (50K). This file contains all the classes that implement the Sequencer. 
  2. Create a batch file that executes the sequencer program. Here's an example batch file. For instance if your jdk is installed in a directory called jdk then you would execute the sequencer like so 
  3. java -classpath seq.SequenceEditor
  4. You would put the above in a single line in a file called say runSequencer.bat. 

We are frantically working on upgrades of this and other exciting software. Bookmark this page to check again later for other FREE upgrades.

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