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With JumpSpot you can quickly create "mini" sites that implement either a slide show or a custom walk-through. The slide show is created based on a set of pictures that you provide to JumpSpot. You must also provide the order in which you wish the slides to show and the time interval to wait between slides. JumpSpot then generates a set of html files that implement your presentation.

For a custom walk-through or tour, you just need to provide Hot-Jumps for each of the slides and link the Hot-Jumps to other slides or to any other site usig a standard URL format.

When the user jumps to anywhere in the presentation (typically from the beginning) created with JumpSpot, they will automatically trigger off the presentation or tour.

Screen Shots

Screen Shot of SlideList Frame

Screen Show of Gif Browser

JumpSpot provides a simple interface for quickly creating an Internet based presentation or Site tour. Just Add slides to the List of Slide frame and set the order and wait times between each slide. JumpSpot will soon allow you to set Hot-Spots that can be linked to other slides or other sites. This neat feature will allow you to create custom walkthroughs of a site.

JumpSpot gives you instant feedback of the slide presentation in a Gif Browser frame.

Screen Shot of Slide Editor

The SlideEditor allows you to edit several aspects of the selected slide. You can rename your slide, set the picture that you want to show, set the amout of time that the slide will show before it goes on to the next one and finally it allows you to set what are the slides that come before and after this current slide.


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